samedi 5 janvier 2013

Hippolyte et Aricie - Jean-Philippe Rameau (2012)

Birds, ribbons, and music motifs very common during Louis XV decorative furniture. Here, the bird tears apart the family crest, and is having a struggle with the little girl in the panel to the right. Note the dart in the upper right. A miss from the dart gun.This parquetry pattern was copied from a rolltop desk built by John-Henri Riesener. The composition ornament is Rococo in style (Louis XV). The boy shoots his dart gun at the bird in the center panel.

There are 8 full panels, 4 family members, and over 20 birds.
French Louis XV Breakfont buffets were very popular during the 1700's. As the name implies, the middle section is extended outwards. This project is my all time favorite as it combines period styling and ornament as well as making it current with a storyline of family members protecting their heirloom from Alfred Hitchcock like birds of prey.

Hippolyte et Aricie - Jean-Philippe Rameau (2012)

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